About us

About us

KOVI Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (KOVIPHAR) was established on October 26, 2017 with the main business of trading in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, functional foods.

In the context of the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and functional food market growing strongly, increasing rapidly in volume, in terms of product quality development is not synchronized. Therefore, you always find it difficult to choose a professional and qualified supplier. It is for this reason that KOVI Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was born in order to meet the increasing demands of customers in choosing the most reputable cosmetic pharmaceutical supplier.

During the development process, KOVIPHAR will always be aware of building and preserving brand value, constantly improving so that customers continue to trust and stick with KOVIPHAR as a reliable companion.


Health is the most valuable asset of human beings, so we are always aware of the selection of products that must be of the best value in the use of health care for everyone.

Along with the quality of each product, KOVIPHAR also always brings the satisfaction of customers in terms of price, fast and accurate delivery, diverse payment methods.

KOVI Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd has developed the following principles in customer service:
  • Product quality must meet the standards required by the Manufacturer, state management agency.
  • Product prices must be the most competitive compared to other suppliers.
  • Advice, select products that suit the needs of each customer.
  • Quickly and promptly responding to product needs to ensure uninterrupted operation of customers.
  • Diversified payment methods
  • Flexible return policy.
  • Enthusiastic and thoughtful staff.
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